Inverness, Scotland

Regarding my recent trip to Scotland, today I’ll be sharing another city I was lucky enough to visit in this wonderful country, Inverness. The great capital of the Highlands is situated at the mouth of the river Ness and is just a few minutes from the well-known Loch Ness.


By the time we arrived in the city it was already dark outside. We just had a quick stroll around to get some photos by night before getting back to the hotel and get some rest for the day ahead.


We can spot Inverness Castle up in a hill right next to River Ness. Below is the amazing view from Ness Road bridge.


We got up early the next morning and got ready for exploring. Our hotel had a great location, we only had to walk down the street and were in front of the river Ness, the castle and one of the bridges that lead us to the city centre.


Two nice facts about River Ness is that it flows incredibly fast – it actually has one of the highest average discharge rates in the UK – and fishermen can often be seen casting for salmon in these waters.


Here’s Inverness Castle again, this time by day.


And now some more views from Ness Road bridge, with several hotels, houses and other buildings all along the riverside.


We searched online for a nice place to have breakfast and the Rendezvous café in the city center was on top of the lists, so there we went.


A vintage cinema theamed place to have a meal, what’s not to love about it?


There were definitely too many Scottish breakfast options to choose from.


After deciding and enjoying our breakfast, and now with enough energy for the rest of the journey, we continued to explore Inverness.


We went up to the castle but sadly it was closed that day. So we enjoyed the outside architecture and the magnificent views around the area.


We then went down to Ness Bank Church. Our luck wasn’t definitely at our side this day as it was also closed that day.


Again, we enjoyed the surrounding and later continued down the riverside.


There’s beautiful little houses and trees along the river, where you’ll easily find local people walking their dogs, jogging or simply walking and appreciating the view.


Inverness has actually been named the happiest place to live in Scotland, and I’m not surprised. It’s the perfect combination of calmness and city hustle. On one hand you have such calm neighboordhoods to live in and on the other hand you can still enjoy the euforia of the day and night life in the center of the city.


We also found this beautiful memorial with sayings regarding the Great War.


And right next to it, there’s this little bridge, the Infirmary Foot bridge we can spot another beautiful view of the river Ness and its surroudings.


Back in the other side of the river, we came across yet another church, the St. Andrew’s Cathedral, and this one was luckily open to visitors.


We soon had to leave for our Loch Ness boat trip, but I’ll leave that for another post.

We definitely managed to see a lot of things in our short stay, yet there’s a lot more I’d love to explore. I definitely wouldn’t mind going back even if it was just to see all of this again though!


 Have you been to Inverness, Scotland?


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